Paragliding in Mauritius - flybys, wingtips and SATs

Paragliding in Mauritius! Flybys, wingtips and SATs! Thanks to Taylor Holl for creating a beautiful clip of one of our flights down there - find it in the videos tab or click here.

Mobile version of website

I created a mobile version of the website! That's right, is now responsive and offers a great streamlined experience on mobile! Now, you can always grab your phone and check out :)

Paragliding: Mission to Lanzarote

New paragliding video! Look for "Paragliding: Mission to Lanzarote" in the videos tab, or click here.

Pacific Northwest & Idaho 2016

A new photo update brings you photos from a trip to British Columbia, Washington and Idaho. Click here for Pacific Northwest, or click here for Idaho or head over to the photos tab.

Norway 2015

The gallery has been updated with some photos from a trip through Norway in 2015. Click here or head over to the photos tab.